Windows 7 or 8?

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Re: Press On Button to shut down?

Hi Cliff,

That was a great post on Win 7 vs Win 8. I went back and read all your previous posts.

A couple of times you mentioned that you push the On Button to shut down. Are you referring to the hard Power On switch? I thought that was a no-no since windows had to close some things to shut down correctly.

Second question. In a previous post I asked about problems I was having sharing files over my network between a Win 7 PC and my new home built Win 8 PC. Eventually, I gave up and paid Microsoft $100 to find and fix the problem. It was not straightforward for them; it took about 2-3 hours with MS in control of my machine to get it to share files. They did it by enabling net bios. Did you ever have any problems networking Win7-Win8 ? Although the problem is fixed I'm still wondering what went wrong.


Bob Schoner

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