Photographer faces law suit

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Re: I am a Christian Wedding photographer.... here is my view.

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steelski wrote:

Let me say this.
Would you tell a Muslim that they have to do a Jewish wedding.
Or a homosexual that they had to photograph at a anti-homosexual event.????

How about a vegetarian that there is only meat on the menu....
Almost half of people in the USA are against gay marriage.

The notion of a Homosexual marriage is repulsive to the majority of Christians.... including myself. calling me old fashioned, out of touch, bigot, whatever you want.
I believe this is a form of Fascism towards Christians. Getting us to bow to something we find offensive in the eyes of God is not a great direction for humanity.

Don't get worked up, just be polite and tell them you are already booked with another client on the day.

That would be lying. I would rather tell the truth about my views upfront.

It is impossible to be a Christian and a judge of others at the same time, you are one or the other.

He is standing up for his own personal beliefs.  If you want to call it judging, so be it.  If you can't stand up for what you believe, what else is there to stand up for?

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