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Clayton1985 wrote:

Lynxo wrote:


Would you buy a used rx100 for around $450 or a new rx100ii for $720?

How are used rx100's? Are these pretty robust reliable electronics or best to buy new?

The tilt screen is nice but saving $300...

It's not one feature but multiple features that make the MKII worth it for some people. Tilt screen, hot shoe for EVF or flash, multi terminal for cable release or other accessory, better low light performance, step zoom, wifi, etc. If you don't find enough value in these features then it makes perfect sense to go with the RX100 but the idea that you are paying $300 for a tilt screen is a bit of a stretch. That would be about like saying that an f2.8 lens is overpriced because I only shoot at f8..... then buy a slower lens but don't call the f2.8 lens overpriced just because you don't shoot at f2.8.

The tilt screen, improved low light performance, and wifi were all key features for me going in but after using the camera I realized that I needed a wired remote and now I find that I miss having a viewfinder in certain situations. I don't think I'll spring for the expensive RX1 viewfinder but if Sony offers a more affordable option then I would consider buying it. So, it's possible that some people would see more value in the MKII over time even if they don't see it initially but if not then the RX100 is still a great camera and a good value.

No, not saying just tilt, did not want to go into detail and write long post.

Yes, in the long run mkii is better value if you need Extras

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