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Re: Was interested in X-trans from the reviews...

4thnebula wrote:

looked to me to have promise. It is a concern that Fuji is trying a more normal sensor. A major positive to me was that Fuji was willing to do and try new things (like their potentially coming organic sensor). Everyone uses Bayer design. Clearly there can be something better.

They're putting a Bayer sensor in their cheapest entry level camera.


The Bayer sensor is cheaper and will be better for video.

This new camera is designed to make the average consumer happy and to give them a less expensive/better option when up-grading from a compact camera.

Most point & shoot up-graders do not like the upper level Fuji cameras. They're too expensive and don't have the features they depend on to get a decent picture.

These entry level cameras with Bayer sensors will allow Fuji to make an entry level cameras that will appeal to the average camera buyer.

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