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Minniev, Andrew

minniev wrote:

I really like the photos your posts of photographers/equipment in the wild. You capture how it feels to be there in those beautiful wild places with that stuff, and convey the emotion of BEING an outdoor photography nut (it is addictive). I hope you keep this project up, it has great promise and I haven't seen anyone do it before.

This one is technically sound and well composed.

Though as a partially recovered DSLR user who now relies on M43 when I'm in wild places, I am glad I don't haul the stuff.

Thanks for you comments and Minniev I will keep working on the photographer thing as I find the adventure and the being in the places more fun than the actual photos so it is more interesting to photograph the equipment or people in action. I am glad yo find it interesting.

As for hauling the stuff around, we generally don't walk that far and bring too much stuff I generally only bring the cameras and an extra battery and a Leatherman Super Tool in the pocket as well as something to drink so usually it is not that heavy to carry around. This was on a longer walk so it required some additional stuff like more to drink and something to eat etc.

I would love to use my Olympus stuff (as it is lighter) for all of this but after constant reliability issues with the E-3 (which requires it going back and forth to service) I have gone for something more reliable and the 1Ds and lenses have so far been fine with being abused. Sure there are some scratches and also a crack just in front of the hotshoe on one of them and I have had to fix the petals on the sigma 12-24 a few times as they have been bent out of shape (which is why I always carry my Leatherman when I am out).

Thanks again for commenting, and Andrew maybe you should pack a bit less in your bag as it gets easier to carry then

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