Fuji X-A1 = Photoshop; seriously take a look.

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Re: Fuji X-A1 = Photoshop; seriously take a look.

Red5TX wrote:

You make a convincing point.... unless the X-A1 shares its body with the X-M1.

The reflections are incorrect as well.

It's just a sad, hastily faked photoshop.

And thinking this all through;

1.)  Makes no sense to "suddenly" throw away the X-Trans CMOS and throw a "standard" CMOS in.  Fuji are known for their sensors, colors, and amazing lenses.  WHY the WHY would they ditch this and make a low end X camera?

2.)  You can't just replace one sensor for another cheaply.  There would be a ton of software redesign and optimizations take place on a new or different sensor that I do not see them doing for a "cheap" camera.

3.)  The X cameras are their top of the line.  So ditching the OVF/EVF on the M line is as far down the path of cheap I would think they would go on their top of line X cameras.

I think the source of this image and leak are one of a few possible plants:

a.)  Someone anti-fuji trying to generate FUD & conversations that spiral into anti-fuji posts.

b.)  (most likely) Someone (in their room, alone and sad) looking to generate traffic or interest in something fake.

c.)  (least likely) fuji attempting to generate "false" rumors ahead of a big product launch.

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