Almost had to change my shorts/Pentax is DEAD

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Almost had to change my shorts/Pentax is DEAD

First, I almost had to change my shorts when I opened my October issue of Popular Photography last night, turned to the Editorial page and directly opposite that (right, facing page) was a full-page, full-color ad for the new Pentax K-50! I don't RECALL the last time I saw Pentax run an ad for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.

But then I read the ad, and looked it over carefully, and slowly a sad realization dawned upon me. THERE IS NO PENTAX ANY MORE, ONLY RICOH.

I'm not saying that only because the K-50 is available in 120-different color combinations, which was one of the ad's big selling points (the lady holding the camera, apparently shooting a picture in the ad, was holding a cherry-red K-50 with a MATCHING cherry-red 18-55 F3.5-5.6 WR lens!, and they showed three other different color combos, including with and without black grip on the front). Even the fact that they mentioned that the camera is "compatible with 27 million legacy lenses" doesn't overcome one simple fact at the bottom of the page (nor the fact that Pentax was playing multi-color games with its cameras before the Ricoh acquisition).

It's what's at the bottom-right of the page in bold type, and in much smaller, italic type on the left.

On the right in bold Red is the word "RICOH," with the words "Imagine. Change." beneath it. On the bottom left, in almost unreadable faint italics is typed "Pentax... is a TRADEMARK (caps mine) of Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation."

And obove both it says, "Learh more at ""

So if there ever WERE there IS NO LONGER a "Pentax-Ricoh" or even a "Ricoh-Pentax." There is, now, only a RICOH. Pentax is nothing more than A BRAND Ricoh is now selling, like Kenomre and Craftsman for Sears!!!

Dya THINK maybe Sigma KNEW this was happening and this is WHY they've STOPPED MAKING ANY NEW LENSES (at least any of the GOOD ONES) in a Pentax mount??? Considering how Ricoh has led us on like this for the past few years, I'm coming TO A SLOW BOIL the more I think about this!!! How do you folks feel about Ricoh cameras? I have the feeling in a year or two Ricoh will simply ADOPT the k-mount and ther won't even BE a Pentax BRAND any more. After all, they're doing all they can to marginalize it into some fru-fru brand for fashion-conscious people who care more about camera colors than quality, already!!!!!

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