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Re: Fuji X-A1

forpetessake wrote:

Ed B wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

Elliot H wrote:

DonSantos wrote:

So it's essentially an x-m1 without the x-trans headaches and cheaper too.

what "x-trans headaches" are you referring to?

thank you

Let me guess -- bad colors, strange artifacts.

You may need to do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and simply read the review of the X-E1 posted on this site.

LOL. I bought the X-E1 and tested it extensively. It has FAILED written all over it.

I find that hard to believe and think most of your posts are strictly from a person who has no experience with any camera, other than a point & shoot.

If you did own an X-E1 that had "failed" written all over it, if your camera produced plastic looking pictures, and you couldn't get it to perform to your standards, then there was either something wrong with your camera or your ability to use the camera.

You're simply one of those outspoken people who has an opinion that differs from every (and I mean every) professional reviewer who has used the camera.

You're entitled to your opinion but to come on the Fuji forum and try to convince people of your expertise borders on trolling.

Fuji cameras and Fuji sensors aren't perfect and aren't for everyone. You simply need to buy another brand.

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