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forpetessake wrote:

Elliot H wrote:

DonSantos wrote:

So it's essentially an x-m1 without the x-trans headaches and cheaper too.

what "x-trans headaches" are you referring to?

thank you

Let me guess -- bad colors, strange artifacts.

You may need to do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and simply read the review of the X-E1 posted on this site.

The only "hit" the camera takes is with its video output and if a person is looking for a video camera they would be better off with a different camera (Bayer sensor?).

Naturally, cameras like the X-Pro1 and X-E1 aren't the most ideal cameras for everyone. They're just cameras and some people will like them; some people won't like them.

Almost every professional reviewer agrees that if you're an experienced photographer, who's primarily interested in still photographs you'll probably like the X-P1/X-E1 cameras.

There are other cameras that have more consumer friendly features and that a compact camera "up-grader" would be more comfortable using. There are many other cameras that produce a great picture.

When you start looking at upper level mirrorless or DSLR cameras it's hard to find one that's not a good camera.

You're obviously one of those people who would be much happier with a different camera.

Nothing wrong with that.

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