Taking inventory after a long, long wait

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Re: Taking inventory after a long, long wait

KL Matt wrote:

Heh that's really something to consider, Russelll. Although I'm still at f/2 (DOF equivalent at least, but please let's not get into that argument here), not f/1.4 where I really would like to be. And I think those focal reducers would likely exaggerate the FA* 24's major weakness, edge resolution wide open. It's really bizarre, at f/2, you get like this tiny little circle of about 20% of the frame in the middle that's tack sharp. From there it drops off dramatically, until you've got almost no resolution left by the time you hit the corners.

Sell the FA 24mm f2 then and buy the Samyang 24mm f1.4 to use on the Nex with a focal reducer. There is  little more than a half a pound difference in weight between the two lenses, with the Samyang being much larger, but the Samyang 24mm is about the same size and weight as the Nikon 24mm.


The Samyang looks good on the Canon 5D. No Photozone test of the Samyang 24mm on Nikon to really compare to the Nikon 24mm, unfortunately.


Thank you

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