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A lot of space has been taken up on this thread and elsewhere arguing about the X-Trans sensor. It's pretty obvious that a number of users do have some concerns and wish that Fuji would use a 'normal' Bayer sensor.  Maybe Fuji (not being complete idiots) have recognised this disquiet and are testing the market to see what the response is.

I do know from talking to people (in the market that the X-A1 is aimed at) that many potential upgraders from P & S are concerned about "that funny sensor" and are going for Sony, Panny, Olys etc.  I like the output from my X-E1 and have no objection either way. If Fuji bought in a 24mp Bayer sensor from Sony and put it in an X-PR0 2 or X-E2 I'd be delighted and would beat a path to my dealers.

Even better, I'd love to see Fuji bring out a DSLR with full PDAF which accepted the gorgeous X mount lenses. Iffy focusing for certain (not all) subjects is my biggest gripe - to the extent that I'm having to consider getting a smaller Nikon to back up the Fuji. To have a choice of Fuji bodies to use with with my lenses would be heaven.

But, back on subject, for Fuji to suddenly bring out a new model without X-Trans indicates to me that they have some concerns about the acceptability of X-Trans amongst the wider photographic community and, if that is the case, they will go with what brings the most returns to shareholders, not what we want.


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