Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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@GXRuser - Panasonic G1 was an overprice under perform by entry DSLR

GXRuser wrote:

The A3000 is not the first dslr styled mirrorless camera.

The Panasonic G1, Samsung NX10, Olympus OMD EM5 all are dslr mirrorless cameras that have predated the A3000. The G1 was available in early 2009.

You failed to get the point of A-3000.  Its not about "DSLR-STYLE" per se.  It about PRICE.  A-3000 is the first "sensible price" mirrorless ever created with an EVF.

The problem with current Mirrorless (m43 + nex equally) is BAD VALUE:

  • Charge a premium for smaller body size
  • Charge a premium for expensive lens ($199 sony 35/1.8 vs $450 Sony 35/1.8 OSS | Sony 18-200 vs Sigma 18-250 dslr | $1200 Panasonic 12-35/2.8 vs $400 Tamron 17-50/2.8)
  • Charge yet another premium for EVF (which should have been included in the 1st place)
  • Its no wonder mirrorless hasn't sell well at all outside of Japan

If you add up the total system cost, M43/NEX are...for lack of better words....BAD VALUE.

That all change with a $399 Sony A-3000 + 18-55.

It is the 1st mirrorless that is realistically price with an EVF.  It is the 1st mirrorless targeted @general population, rather than rich enthusiast.  It is the 1st mirrorless that outperform most entry-level DSLR yet under-cut them in PRICE.

Sony single handily made Canon T3, Nikon D3200, even Sony A58 look like expensive relic from the past.  Sony A-3000 will sell well, not because of its Faux-DSLR styling, but because of its price.

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