The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

Thanks I figured this might be the case in terms of resolution- and the only way I can think of to subjectively analyze resolution is to shoot resolution test charts and compare- and it seems like these sensors performance averages around that of a 9 MP sensor in terms of lph resolution.

The generally accepted literature I've read on printers is that most resolve 300 ppi so if you stretch a 7 MP image across 7.5x10 inches you get 300 pixels per inch......... Epson;s native resolution is 360 ppi so 10 MP images cover 7.5x10, if you use some other resolution image you get interpolation.

So, ISO 200 isnt a minimum for DR 800 and ISO 400 isnt a minimum for DR 1600? I take these are only available in M size in any case.

I also use AUTO ISO 400 and DR 400

Since our settings are similar our findings should be also- the ISO ceiling for DR 200 or 400 is ISO 3200, I suspect this is because ISO 6400 uses SN mode (unofficially.)  At M size any lower ISO can be used.  I have a 1" exposure limit it wont allow me to take images that expose for longer than that in Shutter Priority.

The reason I ask Trevor if intermediate ISO are covered under hardware EXR is because I'm wondering if these 1/3 step ISO are truly sensor based or if (for example) ISO 320 is merely ISO 400 underexposed by 1/3 stop- in which case DR 400 even at M size with ISO 320 would possibly use software EXR. Hopefully someone will test this.

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