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Re: Nice photo. Question about RAW...

I bought an MX1 about 2 months ago (before a trip to Europe and several other summer trips). I have about 3-4K images shot so far & ~35-45 min of video (mostly in small segments). I've had a chance to put it through it's paces pretty well & am very pleased. I agonized over this buy - I wanted a pro level AF camera that could shoot RAW with a fast lens and as much zoom as I could get - something I would always be willing to carry, but I could really get quality images out of & that I could have some creative freedom. I travel a lot & I always want a good camera with me, but I don't want to be owned by the camera. I am very happy with my purchase.

Like you, I was worried about comments about slow write speeds, but I bought fast cards, and I am not having any problems - either for video, or for shooting raw - I almost always shoot RAW, since my post processing is all in Lightroom.

I was moving from a super-zoom (Lumix FZ35), and worried I would miss the longer zoom - one nice thing I've found is when you shoot raw, you have the option to shoot the JPG at the full 12MP, or step it down to 7MP. If you step it down, it extends your zoom length without compromising on resolution for your raw or really your JPG. I have found this a nice compromise when I want to reach just a little farther.

I am REALLY liking the fast lens. I live in the pacific northwest & was traveling to Scottland recently - both places that are perpetually overcast & can be a challenge for light. I get so many more quality shots now that before I would have had to delete or clean up due to blur and poor light. This lens is great.

I am also really liking the onboard HDR. I shoot a lot of landscape stuff & if the light is dull, the HDR can really bring out the details. I have been using bracketing & doing HDR as part of post processing, but I am VERY pleased with the results from the camera itself - they are good or better than what I was coaxing out of lightroom - for what I am shooting (I don't like strong HDR effects - I just want it to clean up things in low light). When I read about the HDR, it says it is only for JPG - I need to note that you can shoot raw with the HDR, and it goves you botht he raw & jpg files. I am still working with this, but I got some amazing cloud shots on a recent boat trip, and it gave me new appreciation for what I could do with the camera.

My only criticisms so far are

1) It is heavy - a lot heavier than I expected - shooing long video (more than a couple minutes) this becomes VERY noticeable.

2) The battery is very poor with video - I get good battery life with shots, but several times I have gone from strong battery to nothing in moments. I have not timed it, but I suspect you can only do 15-20 min of video on a battery. The really bad part is the battery meter is almost useless for video - I have seen it literally go from half to empty in less than 30 seconds (more than once). I carry 3 batteries, and if I was shooting any significant video, that was not enough for a day's shooting.

3) The last is not so much a fault, but an observation - Lens distortion is pretty noticeable on this camera, when shooting wide open. The wide angle lens is great to get the big shot, but you pay some for (this is one of the widest lenses I have used a lot of). The camera has a setting to automatically compensate on-board in the JPGs that it saves, but when you use lightroom you can see the DNG images before the JPG renders, and you really notice the distortion. Most of this is manageable if you are using something like lightroom that can accept lens correction settings, but for consumers using lower-end software, this may be more of an issue - they will definitely need to rely on the JPGs the camera saves. I do a lot of panorama work & use Hugin for that. I hve had to learn some new tricks to keep the outputs looking realistic/straight.

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