An interesting sidelight to a Fujifilm product announcement

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Re: An interesting sidelight to a Fujifilm product announcement

Graham Hill wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

That's fairly dismissive of something which is observably correct.

It is easily dismissed because the post contained nothing but Fujifilm marketing fluff.

No, he also showed historical background.

I switched from Pentax to Nikon in 2011 and noticed that Nikon lenses were nowhere near as flare resistant as my Pentax ones had been.

I dont believe you for a second. Not one bit.

That's OK - I don't believe you!  Who are you?  You have absolutely no credibility in this forum or anywhere until you prove yourself.

I have shot Nikon gear almost exclusively since 1975 and be it Nikon Integrated Coating, Super Integrated Coating, or Nano Crystal Coated lenses, they are all equally very flare resistant.  I rarely use a lens hood because Nikon lenses are so rarely prone to flare.

Have you ever shot Pentax?

If not, you cannot really comment.

I have done both and I stand by my comments - the f2.8 zooms and the f1.8 primes I use from Nikon are not as flare resistant as the consumer grade glass I used from Pentax.  I noticed it as soon as I changed.  I no longer worry about it, though.

However, the Nikon glass seems to be much less likely to be decentred, which was a major problem for my with Pentax glass.  I have illustrated threads in the Pentax forum on the issue.  What have you got to show for yourself?

Your statement above shows that you have no credibility.

I'd be more worried about you showing up here breathing fire and insults.  Why are you so furious?

I have also noticed that the X10 and the X20 have been reasonably flare resistant. Still probably not as good as Pentax, but I would reckon probably better than Nikon.

I am not alone in my observations concerning Nikon and Pentax lenses.

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