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Re: Timur's summary of Fujifilm X10's functions and issues...

Luego wrote:

Trevor, perhaps you want to refresh your memory. There was a time when you were just a student while Timur "the master of X10" did all the research.

At least provide the link to Timur's summary before you state misleading information about the X10.

Firstly, I don't believe I have provided misleading information about the X10.  Can you point me to that?  Maybe you should read fully before jumping in?

The misinformation was about the smaller, 1/2" (or close to that) sensor cameras, such as the F and HS series, in thinking that the EXR rules which apply to the X Series cameras also apply equally to those.  They don't.  We'll get there in the end...

I have never been a "student' of Timur's and started writing posts about the X10's amazing highlight headroom capabilities some weeks before he appeared on the scene.  I started by writing about the F550's amazing highlight headroom capabilities.

I don't agree with everyting Timur says and feel no need to provide links to his otherwise interesting material.  You have done that, great!  His findings as such, however, are not the topic of this thread.

But this is not a contest.  I am providing information for new users, or people who do not realise some important things about EXR in the X series cameras.  My examples are clear and well illustrated and annotated - hopefully everyone will benefit from them.

Go well.

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