The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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All Examples Shown Apply Specifically To X Series EXR Cameras

Trevor G wrote:

DR200 hardware EXR can readily work with Auto ISO400 set, as long as the ISO chosen is less than 200.

I have been checking my F770 samples to make sure that this is carried across the board.  It is.

Hang on a moment or two.

I was checking last night and everything seemed normal on the samples I checked.

On checking again this morning I am noticing some differences with the F770, compared to the X10.

Previously (when writing about EXR in 2011 and 2012) I had always said that what had been observed applied to the X seriies of EXR cameras, because I had noticed some oddities or variations in processing with F series pics.

One thing that was different was that RAW was available form F series and HS series EXR Mode shots.  That is not the case with X series.

Now, for the moment, I am going to emphasise:

Up to this point all examples apply specifically to X series EXR cameras.

There are variations which seem to occur with F series (and probably HS series cameras)  Stay tuned.

DR400 hardware EXR will also work with Auto ISO400 as long as the ISO is less than 400.  When ISO = DR you always get 2 frames, but they are exposed identically, which means that the hardware solution (sensor pixel pairing) is not being employed.

I have also checked this on my F770 and can verify that it is exactly the same.

Well, it appeared to be the case on the samples I checked last night, from special test images I shot in Australia.

Now I am looking more carefully at images shot in Fiji a few days later which are showing differences.

Firstly, DR400 shots at ISO400 appear to show 2 different frame exposures. That was not the case on the first images I shot in Australia. (I am pretty sure that geographic location has nothing to do with it.)

Secondly, Frame 2 is noticeably noisier than Frame 1 at ISO100 and DR400, and noisier than the OOC JPEG.

Unfortunately I don't have an F or HS series camera on hand - I sent it off with my wife who is in the US, so I will have to work my way through a lot of holiday pics. 

We probably cannot help you tell whether the RAWless F70 is any different, but let's just say that the F series cameras with RAW follow the X Series cameras with RAW (although they actually preceded them in development and sales).

That statement is most definitely wrong.  I should have remembered the RAW-in-EXR-Mode part but it was late at night...sorry.

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