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Ed B
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Re: Fuji X-A1

AngryCorgi wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Caerolle wrote:

"Hopefully Fuji makes the XPro 2 more differentiated from the XE2 to create more of a hierarchy of models with separate and distinct value points for each."

God, *I* hope not! I would like it to be just like now, if you are one of those people who has to have an OVF, you get the 'Pro', and the rest of us can get the same camera without it as the X-E.

I'm with you but I also feel the people who want articulated LCD, face detection, and all this other stuff probably need to be looking at another brand.

The people who have maligned the X Trans sensor absolutely need to be looking at other cameras.

If Fuji changes all these things then they'll be no different than any other camera and I'll loose interest in a hurry.

They'll just be another run-of-the-mill brand; no different or better than any other.

If catering to a larger group of people makes you lose interest (not loose) in a camera manufacturerer you have your priorities seriously misplaced. Camera manufacturers are in it to profit, not to establish and cater to a narrow fan club.

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Well, you're right about lose and I hate it when people make that mistake.

Afraid I can't agree on your narrow fan club comment but you're entitled to your opinion.

Do you own a Fuji?

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