Getting new glasses with photography in mind

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The optometrist says...and one very unique OVF

I am an OD.

I hate transitions for photography. It is just too dark when outside. So I wear a clear pair of glasses in a frame that came with a polarized pair of clip-ons which I keep on a gator clip on the car visor.

If you can use the diopter wheel on your camera...that will cover 85 percent of the population.

If you have too much astigmatism, you will have to push your glasses up against the finder firmly to see most of the image....this is lousy, but it is what I do, cause my allergies keep me from wearing contacts.

We do have very good astigmatism contact lenses now, which would allow you to see the whole viewfinder.

Probably the best choice after the diopter wheel is contacts if you can wear them and they come in your power.

I think that years ago you could have a small lens ground and applied to your view finder, but even if possible today it would be prohibitively expensive, and really not practical.

Bottom line: ask your eye doctor. Really he should ask you, but we are busy and forget to ask about hobbies. But most of us will be glad to help if you ask!

you never know what you will see when you get a good look through your viewfinder!

I was going to give my old 20D to my son. I tried cleaning the mirror and the ground glass. This guy is inside the pentaprism housing. But over the last year he has become quit a companion, pointing out the center spot for me! I took this holding my iphone up to the OVF of my 20D. So deciding it was tacky to give him a camera with 150K clicks and a critter, I got him a nice 40d with 22K clicks, and continue to keep the 20D under some towels in the back floorboard of my car where surprisingly it really never gets too hot.


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