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Re: Fuji X-A1

Samaistuin wrote:

AngryCorgi wrote:

Hopefully this will lead to an xtrans-less model with an EVF, similar to the X-E1

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And waste resources & confuse consumers in the process, having two cheap mirrorless cameras (X-A1, X-M1) and two more expensive ones (X-E1, hypothetical-X-non-trans)? Bad idea IMHO.

The X-Trans technology is worth refining - and it's already quite good. It is in the interest of Fuji to focus on these sensors, which provides them with a strategic advantage in a world where sensor makers are few and differentiating points between cameras are few too.

All they need at the moment is to put more efforts in making third-party softwares handle their RAW format correctly.

Increasing market share is NEVER a "waste of of resources".  A lot of people don't care for the x-trans headaches and like the behaviour of the traditional bayer filtered cameras.

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