What sort of camera gear is required for the wedding photography?

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Re: First decide if you really want to?

Muaze Nakhez wrote:

Here in my area weddings are done indoor with not much light available.
I have seen photographers using umbrellas with flashes attached to it.
So what other gear and lenses are required to complete the job.

Is this curiostiy or are you really thinking about diving in?

I run when people ask me to do weddings. You can lose friends and hair and all sorts of other things. A wedding photographer needs nerves of steel and broad shoulders.

I suggest you find a friendly pro and ask to apprentice for a while so you can learn the tricks and what you will need.

I am not saying it cannot be done....just it is too much stress and work for me.

I did this couple for a close friend whose wife was dying with cancer and the pro could not get there for the private family ceremony. A community ceremony was held the next week with the pro in attendance.

The first picture was one of my daughter on her wedding day, and yes I hired a pro who invited me to follow him around and take all I wanted.

there are tons of on line sites that tell you what you will need and how to do it.

Have fun or it will get you down!


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