Who says Olympus can't do Pro video....

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Re: Who says Olympus can't do Pro video....

David 247 wrote:

I see so many posts lamenting the "poor" video in Olympus cameras. Yet, then I find some really spectacular work done on Olympus cameras by people with some imagination. Below is a link to a 2 year old Coke Commercial filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for distribution in 10 regional countries using a Olympus Pen E-PL1.

Now, there is no doubt that it would be very nice if Olympus buffed up their video qualities especially in their µ43 lines. In fact it would be great and I want to see that as much as anyone else. - Sometimes it just takes some imagination to get the most out of any camera. Focus less on limitations and more on "what can be done". That is now and always has been the key to Pro Photography. As I recall one of my photography professors told us at the beginning, (several decades ago). "Even as a Pro, you will never have all the equipment you need or want. So you must learn to make the most out of what you have.


Here is the Intro to the commercial on Vimeo explaining why they settled on the PEN instead of other cameras.

Coke commercial I shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for regional distribution (10 countries). We had to mount the camera on a rig that was custom made to attach to the bottom of the bottle.

As the various talent had to handle and manipulate the bottle (while wake-boarding, rock-climbing, para-motoring, etc.), we had to use a camera that was light enough, has an underwater housing and still shoots decent HD.

We initially considered using a Canon 7D but due to the weight factor, that idea was scrapped early in pre-production. We also tested the GoPro HD and ContourHD but the results were not good enough for broadcast.

I suggested we use the Olympus Pen E-PL1 due to its small form-factor and decent image quality, After some testing, we decided that it produced good enough results for the commercial.

Shot on Olympus E-PL1

Director: Farouk Aljoffrey
Cinematographer: Eric Oh

Production Co.: Planet Films

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- David
'The most important feature of any camera is 'Will you have it with you when you need it."

Its less about the video and more about the camera`s size.



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