Photographer faces law suit

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Re: I am a Christian Wedding photographer.... here is my view.

CFynn wrote:

steelski wrote:

Let me say this.
Would you tell a Muslim that they have to do a Jewish wedding.
Or a homosexual that they had to photograph at a anti-homosexual event.????

How about a vegetarian that there is only meat on the menu....
Almost half of people in the USA are against gay marriage.

The notion of a Homosexual marriage is repulsive to the majority of Christians.... including myself. calling me old fashioned, out of touch, bigot, whatever you want.
I believe this is a form of Fascism towards Christians. Getting us to bow to something we find offensive in the eyes of God is not a great direction for humanity.

Don't get worked up, just be polite and tell them you are already booked with another client on the day.

That would be lying. I would rather tell the truth about my views upfront.

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