Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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Re: Another First Impressions Review Of The A3000

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This mini review is fair & balanced & sums up the ILC-3000 accurately. Given its initial asking price this camera deserves to sell well & is an excellent entry level camera. It seems that Sony have finally accepted that an eye-level VF is needed , I just hope that the quality of the EVF is sufficient for the job.

It is understandable that many current NEX owners are a little sceptical because they may already have more capable cameras & , in addition , they are left feeling a little unsure as to where the current NEX line may go.

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Keith C

Even more so after reading the review!

Quote: "During our product briefing, Sony reps revealed that according to internal study data, 60% of likely system camera buyers preferred DSLR styling to the typical rangefinder-style mirrorless design. Sony clearly took those numbers to heart, and the result is its first DSLR-shaped mirrorless camera, which draws its visual cues in equal parts from the A-mount Alpha A58 and the Cyber-shot HX300 superzoom."

Sony clearly want to move NEX, or should I say E-mount 'out of the niche'. For those of us who entered into NEX system because we prefered it over the mainstream this is very bad news

They should have done a test of people's preference of a 202k-dot EVF vs a 1.4M-dot (or greater) EVF. I'm pretty sure if given back to back samples of the two, nobody would pick that goofy 202k-dot EVF. I would have happily paid $500 for the same camera with a decent EVF. Surely it wouldn't have cost much more to put a reasonable EVF in there.

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I think that the Vast majority of the public cares much more about the image quality produced than about the quality of the EVF if the cost was $100 more. We would not be seeing the great interest about the A3000 if this was a $500 camera.

Nonsense.  At $500 it would be $50 LESS than an a58 (the #3 best selling Sony "quasi-DSLR"), whilst supporting the E-mount line and sporting the same excellent OLED EVF in the a58.  The EVF in the a58 has a better color gamut and is more than 700% the resolution of this tiny POS in the a3000.  Anyone who *thinks* this is an acceptable EVF most likely has never tried a 200k EVF.

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