My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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Re: My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

Arash31 wrote:

net of the story....they are still in need of adjustment but I'm super happy with 24-70 that actually had a part replaced. I'm not sure why they can't get it precise! The part that is frustrating is that you spent lots of money buying fast lenses, but then you can't use it sat its weirdest aperture! So to get the picture sharp for my 1.4s I have to stop it to f3-4!!! This I find frustrating which makes me question the value. Of course it still performs better in low light if you are not doing portrait but I have gotten used to the insane detail and sharpness d800e takes when u zoom in at 100% view, and this front focus issue ruins it!!!

IMO utilizing the AF tune functionality of your body is a much simpler, cheaper, and less stressful method to achieve consistent AF on a body+lens combination than trying to achieve the same outcome via servicing. I haven't read through the entire thread but what you do feel is unacceptable about relying on AF tune?

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