The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: ISO 640 example at DR400

Trevor G wrote:

With DR200, ISO must be at 100 for hardware EXR (2 simultaneous frames recorded per image) to work.

Please note that the hardware versions of EXR does not occur, even when DR 200 or DR400 is selected, if there is not sufficient high contrast image content above 0EV to trigger it. That is, both frames recorded will be at the same shutter speed or duration.

I'll post examples of that at some stage.

And yes, you are definitely in software EXR at ISO640.

I think that your further investigation will confirm that DR200 will work in hardware (at least in P or A modes) at ISO200 and ISO400, as well; I am pretty sure that DR200 works in hardware at ISO Auto400 and I know that the hardware DR400 works when ISO is set to Auto400 (where the camera adjusts the ISO automatically, and is not locked into ISO400), because I have exposed thousands of shots where it did so. Most of those were taken with an F70EXR, which has no RAW output, or with an XF1, set to JPEG only, so I cannot check the RAW file as you have done, but when post-processing in Aperture, I had a very wide range of adjustments available in both the highlights and shadows, which were not available when I shot S100fs with its software DR400 implementation, because in the S100fs the tone curve employed to implement the DR already had "used" the headroom, leaving much less room for further adjustment.

I cannot speak to EXR at ISO640, because I generally do not set ISO higher than Auto400 when shooting in PASM modes.

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