Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Not so easy

Clayton1985 wrote:

rbattsall wrote:

On top of that, I don't really see the point of a FF that throws away one third of the light available to it, especially when newer cameras such as the E-M1 have on sensor PDAF which as it matures will very soon make SLT's redundant.

So, are you suggesting that you know right now that the E-M1's OSPDAF will be as good or better than the A99's PDAF making SLT unnecessary? Or are you simply speculating about what will happen at some unknown time in the future when OSPDAF is good enough to rival PDAF.... to which my response would be "gee, no kidding".

What I am saying is that if I really wanted low light FF performance, and that seems to be the biggest reason stated in this thread to go for FF over a smaller sensor, I would go for a camera that doesn't waste a third of the light such as a D600, D800 or 5DIII. That was the reason I sold my A55, as in loosing that light it was worse at low light than my E-M5.

However, if I really wanted the SLT for the EVF and high ISO was important, then to get much better than M43 I can see the argument for the A99.

I'm also suggesting that ultimately electronics giants would prefer not to have the stack up of tolerances associated with the two light paths and their affect on PDAF resulting in front and back focus. DSLR's have AF adjust features to attempt to address it so the manufacturers already see it as an issue, they see the tight tolerances required as a major cost driver and most are developing cameras with OSPDAF as at least one of the solutions. This is where the technology is moving most quickly, it at the start of the development cycle on a steep curve where two light path PDAF is pretty much fully developed and limited by the production tolerances required at each model price point.

Right now I make no assumption about the E-M1 just refer back to the technology curve and the DV associated with OSPDAF. In terms of noise the E-M5 was as good as APS-C although the latest have leap frogged it but a new sensor at the same MP should be better still in the E-M1.

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