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Re: Long Lake and Indian Peaks in faux HDR

larryj wrote:

aux HDRI took a short hike to Long Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and took this photo at the outlet of the lake. The sun was on the mountains and sky in the background and the foreground was in shade. A classic high dynamic range image. DP1M photo.

This is how the image looked right out of the camera. Exported directly to Lightroom the clouds are lost and unrecoverable.

This is the out of the camera RAW file converted to JPEg

processed in SPP to recover the cloud detail using reduced exposure and increased fill light gives the effect below, which I call Faux HDR. I does recover the detail in the clouds and produces an unreal look. To do this properly would require blending 2 or more exposures, but this was fun anyway ;O)>.

Faux HDR

How about doing what you did in SPP, but less of it? I think there is a happy medium between the two images.

Or you could load the two as layers in Photoshop and adjust the amount of each.

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