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Re: Do you feel that there would actually be an improvement if you go FF?

fakuryu wrote:

I mean, will the improvement be that substantial? Do you need more than 16mp? Do you do really large prints? Do you need very clean shots above ISO1600?

Besides Pentax brand I've used and post processed thousands of images from Nikon, Canon, Sony,  and Sigma.  The differences in noise at High ISO is not small with the FF cams.  The Canon 6D is the best at this I've seen in post.  Here ISO 25600 shots are hard to tell from an ISO 1600 shot from a K5.  Not far behind is the Nikon D600 where ISO 6400 shots are perfectly fine.  The Canon focuses down to -3ev on the center cross point which is as good as K5IIs and coupled with it's High ISO ability it becomes easy to get excellent indoor results with a good and AF tuned copy of the relatively slow but affordable Canon 17-40mm f/4 L FF ultra-wide lens.  So one needs to try some of these out before judging.  Pentax brand could easily match this performance so it is a shame, in my opinion, they don't try.

Yesterday, I was asked by a friend if given the budget to go FF, what body would I for with regards to my current system (K5II DA40/70LTD). Shooting every now and then with a D3S and a D800, it took me quite sometime to think of a system that suits my style and I found out that there are no current lenses from Canikon that really interest me. So I established what would I want in a camera, something smallish, light, excellent IQ and good AF. Given those, the D3S is too big and too heavy but that unbelievably clean ISO6400 is really to die for, the D800 is also an excellent camera but is also bulky.

In the end, it was a half-hearted decision for a D600 + Sigma 35mm f1.4A + 85mm f1.8G but the funny thing that keeps playing on my mind was I would rather get the Sigma 35mm f1.4A and a K5IIs anytime or keep my K5II DA40/70 combo and get a Fuji Xpro1+ Fujinon 35mm f1.4.

Surprisingly, the K5II's AF feels as snappy as the D800 the last time I used one.

Don't get me wrong, a FF has a lot of advantages but the only advantage I want as of know is that bigger OVF.

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