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Re: TG2 focus problem

WarrenM wrote:

I bought my TG2 last spring and except for testing at home have only really tried to use it on two trips. Several weeks after buying, I was shooting hummingbirds during light rain in the Peruvian Amazon. it shot the first couple of photos ok. But then the zoom stopped working -- it would zoom but was totally out of focus and the green focus lock would not come on. If I took the photo it was still out of focus. I think it did work if I restarted & shot a photo without zooming. But as soon as I zoomed (no matter how little I zoomed), everything went out of focus.I tried restarting, reset from menu, different (fully charged) battery, different SD card -- nothing helped. I also tried a number of different shooting modes. Some weeks after returning home, when I tried it, the zoom was working again. In September I was on trip to Alaska, my next real use except testing a few photos at home. Same thing happened. It initially took maybe 4 photos using zoom with no problems but after that any use of zoom lever resulting in out of focus. I tried for the remaining 3 days during the trip - same thing (but would work if restarted and did not use zoom). Now 2 weeks later at home, zoom worked okay when I just tried it. I have not yet had the chance to try it again extensively, but this sounds like a recurring problem. Unfortunately as an apparently intermittent problem, if I send it to Olympus for service, it will probably work for them when they try it out initially.

An intermittent problem still makes the camera unusable. I'd suggest that you go ahead and send it in anyway. At the very least, they'll clean it and run it through some tests. If they can't duplicate the problem, send it in again until they do, or take your lumps and buy another camera. An unreliable camera is worse than no camera at all.

I still have a Panasonic TS-1 that appears to work just fine, but the files don't always end up on the card.  It now officially belongs to my 5-year-old.

A few years back, my wife's Nikon D70 made five (!!!) trips to BestBuy warranty repair for an intermittent file corruption, until they finally allowed us to use the "lemon" policy and get another camera.

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