X System or NEX system

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Re: X System or NEX system

Tough question.

I've had:  The X100, the NEX-5n, the NEX-7, the Fuji X-Pro1.

The NEX system seemed to me to fall short on the lenses, and the camera always felt off balance with the lenses on the camera.  I even owned the coveted Zeiss 24mm lens, which was great.

But the X glass was better to me.  I'd never owned such a nice lens as the Fuji 35mm - it was simply the best piece of glass I'd ever used.  And this was on the original XPro1 with all of it's quirks.

Especially the goofy screw in diopter - which would fix the focus of the EVF but frustratingly would leave the OVF out of focus for me.

The Sony system is great if you want to pull out a camera in full auto and just shoot.  The menus are frustrating, but for quick snaps it was great.

The X system has quirks, like slightly slower focus.  But for image quality; it really felt like the results were way better for me.

In the end, I eventually sold off everything and am now a one camera person; the Fuji X-E1 (which I dearly love, thanks to a diopter adjustment I can see again!) and I can't wait to see the 23mm f/1,4 on this body.

The X-E1 has a great EVF, I love the addition of the "Q" menu system, focusing seems speedy (compared to the XPro1 when it initially shipped) and you can't even begin to appreciate the low price great lens on the X system.

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