Photographer faces law suit

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No, You Should Not, For Any Reason

I think I was clear, but to be even more clear & to directly answer your question--no, you should not have to perform a particular shoot for a particular style, or person, or subject matter etc, for any reason, not even if you advertise yourself as a professional & not even if you do so in New Mexico or any other state that thinks photographers are merely "a conduit for someone else's expression" or whatever such nonsense.

Again, if someone contacted John Mellencamp & asked him to perform a rap music concert, or contacted Jay-Z and asked him to perform a bluegrass concert, no one would hold either of them to such a ridiculous request. To go even further, John Mellencamp has sent "stop using my songs" requests whenever conservative politicians tried to use one of his songs in ad campaigns, yet he'd be perfectly okay with liberals doing so, I'd say. That is his choice, he's not made to allow conservatives to use his songs in ad campaigns if he allows liberals. It is his discretion 100%, he is allowed that bias for whatever reason he sees fit, and he is most certainly a public performer.

Photographers should have the same discretion for what they will or won't shoot, no matter if it's because they don't like "overweight lingerie models" shoots, or they'd shoot a 4th of July party but not a Cinco De Mayo, they'd shoot a Black Panthers rally but not a KKK rally, whatever. Their ability to discern what they will or won't shoot should be 100% absolute.

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