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Re: Do you feel that there would actually be an improvement if you go FF?

fakuryu wrote:

I mean, will the improvement be that substantial?

A full-frame DSLR paired with a fast wide like the Nikor 24mm 1.4 G produces unique images that you simply cannot reproduce with a Pentax DSLR at the moment. There is no comparable lens, and nothing even remotely close to that look, not even the FA 24 f/2. I happen to love the look of wide-angle shots with shallow depth of field. This is the holy grail gear-wise for me. And I'm not getting any younger.

Do you need more than 16mp?

No. I'm actually considering a used D700 as a more affordable option over the D800 precisely because I don't really need or want 40MP resolution. It would slow down RAW processing times considerably, and lightroom is slow enough as it is already.

Do you do really large prints?

Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I even sell them sometimes. Some of the nicest ones were taken with my istDS or K10d. I consider the k5 sufficient for what I do RE image quality.

Do you need very clean shots above ISO1600?

Well, who doesn't want that? It sure is nice to have. My k10d did frustrate me in this department. The k5 is sufficient here as well.

Yesterday, I was asked by a friend if given the budget to go FF, what body would I for with regards to my current system (K5II DA40/70LTD). Shooting every now and then with a D3S and a D800, it took me quite sometime to think of a system that suits my style and I found out that there are no current lenses from Canikon that really interest me.

Then I wouldn't by into that system if I were you.

K5IIs anytime or keep my K5II DA40/70 combo and get a Fuji Xpro1+ Fujinon 35mm f1.4.

The new Fuji 24 1.4 is tempting, but not wide enough for me on APS-C. In a Fuji system I would gravitate towards the 18mm f/2, which then isn't quite fast enough.

Surprisingly, the K5II's AF feels as snappy as the D800 the last time I used one.

In good light, I have no issues with the K5 autofocus. I like not having a bazillion AFpoints actually since I like to select them myself.

Don't get me wrong, a FF has a lot of advantages but the only advantage I want as of know is that bigger OVF.

Not really a huge issue for me either way. K5 viewfinder is sufficient.


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