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When a market is so tough it's good to be prudent

JimBim wrote:

New lenses and flashes left to discuss. I see only new flashes. But we can't see any big news from Canon and Nikon either.

We have all seen the very weak camera sales, from the compacts getting hammered by smartphones, to the mirrorless market suffering on the base of tough comparables, to the DSLRs.

Companies are supposed to create value on top of their cost of capital.  Now that the sales expectations are significantly lower, the only reasonable thing to do, is to be prudent on any investment, and revise even current plans down to focus on only the very best.

The difficulty is that no one is really sure what the very best projects are, if any - perhaps with this now very mature photography market and the growing threat from smartphones then only some niche products can be ok.

- Sony proved it brilliantly with the RX100

- way back then Panasonic had done well with pocketable superzooms but now most everyone has one.  Still seems to be doing a lot better than the rest of the compact market though

- rugged compacts also seem to have some life left in them

- Sony seem to have done OK for a while with APS-C mirrorless.  Canon failed w the M because they had purposedly crippled it - but maybe the upcoming new high-end M will be great.  Maybe Nikon can also come up with a great product in this space

- and whatever else one can imagine

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