The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

alexisgreat wrote:

I think Trev said that in PASM with M size and ISO 400 or higher and DR 400 (or ISO 200 or higher and DR 200), we are using software EXR. Maybe he can elaborate.

No need to elaborate - that's what I said (or wrote).

If this is the case, even at M size and DR 400 we should try to keep our shutter speeds down to make sure we get ISO 320 or lower to make sure we are only using hardware EXR.  The big jump in noise at ISO 400, even at M size and DR 400, may be due to the camera using software EXR.

I don't think it works that way.  I never use or recommend Auto ISO and in this case, if you want M and DR400, you cannot use it.

Much better to set ISO manually and use aperture priority.

Auto ISO will probably work fine (it did in one recent test on the X20) if you don't mind having software DR.  I don't think that there is all that much difference in quality or noise.

There is no jump in noise at ISO400; ISO320 is noisy enough as it is!

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