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Re: Disregard Asahiman?!

Ι was following these discussions with great anticipation and I was too a little dissapointed with the no announcement news. But this is what I think right now

K5 was announced Sep 20, 2010 and

K5ii Sep was announced 10, 2012


K30 was announced May 21, 2012 and

K50 was announced Jun 12, 2013

regardless our anticipation for Sept 5, it is clear that a K5 or higher spec'ed camera is due to come soon. Very soon. We can't tell if Pentax's delay is because of problems or if Ricoh severly changed the camera and lens roadmap since they acquired Pentax brand.

I believe it is the second. To me, they try to gain time before their real new products. Why?

Well, first they only reheated K30 with the K50 changing almost nothing. K500 is again a cheaper (non wr) version of K30 also. HD stock -of a great camera- must go.

Then, WR-L lenses did not need any serious R&D.

Finally and mostly, K5ii/K5iiS kept K5 name/coding. Although these cameras could deserve a new name for the f2.8 central AF sensor and non-problematic AF module of K5, they did not get it. I mean that K7 had a new body with a 100% OVF compared to K20, but in the inside they were mostly similar. But the name changed. But they did not do it with K5ii series. Maybe it was a statement that the new cameras will not have the low light artifical colour FF issues.

I have a feeling that Ricoh wants all the big news in a new camera that will not have anything to do with the Hoya era. Even the new red colouring of the HD coated Limiteds advocate this. And it is also clear that the can keep their secrets.

Asahiman has given enough info in this forum in the past, we must not blame him, Ricoh keeps their cards from us until the big news arrive. And as the competitors are giving more and more features in their recent models, maybe it is wise for Ricoh to do so if they give us something really big. And they better do as the FF/crop/mirrorless market is on fire.

At the moment, I am thinking that it is the best time to upgrade my K5 with a K5ii.

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