Panorama critique and improvement thread 3

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Re: Panorama critique and improvement thread 3

Hi Reilly,

Thank you for your suggestions. One question: Do you have something that guides you on adjusting the white balance. I do it by sight and just try to match what I remember it being the day I shot it. Not very scientific I suppose.

You mention the glacier looks "cramped." Is this from shooting at 70 mm? I want to do more experimenting with the same scene pano shot with different focal lengths. I'm curious how the perspective will change. For example, I could have shot this entire glacier with my 16-35 in one shot. It would have been an interesting comparison.

Thank you again for working on it. It is only the second pano I've done, but I think it has tremendous potential for landscape shots.


Ps: I would have included more forewater but there were two seals playing there and i didn't want to offend anyone with foreplay. (sorry, couldn't resist a "fore" joke.)

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