What is your experience with the reliability of Olympus digital cameras?

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Re: What is your experience with the reliability of Olympus digital cameras?

Not good.

I bought two EM-5 cameras in June 2013, a silver one and a black one.

The black one had the problem with the camera losing the date/time info when the battery was removed, even for a moment. Since I discovered this within 30 days of purchase, Amazon let me exchange it for a new one. No problems since.

The silver body had the problem with fast shutter speeds and black frames. Secondary shots were very dark, with subsequent shots more correctly exposed. These were shots taken on manual mode - there should be no difference between shots of the same scene/lighting.

I sent the camera to Olympus for repair under warranty. First of all, I was surprised and disappointed to learn that I had to pay for the shipping. I don't know of any other companies that make a customer pay for shipping for warranty service. Cost me $72 for insured, two-day UPS. Olympus sent it back to me with 5-day ground UPS. When I tried out the camera, the shutter problem still exists. They didn't fix it! I wasted money and two weeks of time for nothing. Very frustrating to say the least.

Tomorrow I'll call them to give them hell - not looking forward to more time without the camera. Seems like they should replace the camera now and give me a new 12-month warranty. This camera is likely to spend one month in a shipping mode.

Boo on Olympus.

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