RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

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Re: RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

Zone IX wrote:

...  is awkwardly big to lug around and doesn't even yield results as good as a phone

I've heard from several people who are big fans of iproducts that their camera is "really good".  It's possible that they've just not experienced a high quality sensor or don't care enough to (especially true if you're only using them for social media and not zooming in for finer detail).
Many times, people tell me that I won't be able to take a certain picture (due to lighting conditions, etc.).  I wouldn't be surprised if people weren't knowledgeable enough and think that this was the case.

I think some of those people bring their tablets along because: a) their phone won't last long enough for a whole day, b) use it for gaming while lining up for rides (god forbid you talk to the people around you)

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