Ricoh news - no news!

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Re: Ricoh news - no news!

awaldram wrote:

Given in the poll 90% of respondents expected no ff announcement or didn't care anyway the 10% don't half create a din

I's is easier to downplay the profound disappointment that respires in this forum after the IFA announcement (or lack of). It can probably be measured in a better way by counting the number of threads that came to life as the expectation of the big announcement that was supposed to happen at IFA grew day by day.

Here are the threads: (No full frame.....) (Ricoh news... ) (Is today the day...) (No new Pentax today...) (6:10AM at the reservoir) (Any New Bodies Coming?) (Ricoh announcement at IFA) (Live blog with Ricoh updates.) (Ricoh Press Conference) (Ricoh Theta 360)

That's a lot of energy and anticipation!

This indicates that a lot of people, even senior members, were really excited about was about to come..

Since nothing happened, lets focus on how great our current cameras are. I will take my k-01 tomorrow for a walk...

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