I just keep smiling...

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Re: I just keep smiling...

Tim, I've been shooting with the EOS-M in all sorts of sunlit environements and I've found that the LCD screen is less reflective that other touchscreens that I have handled. I wondered if it would be a proplem but I've been pleasantly surprised.

Marco, thank you - that's great to hear.

Dedcakes - thank you also for the comment about adding something like a Zacuto on the back - I'm glad to hear it fits (wasn't sure if there was enough room around the LCD).

The zacuto z-finder for 3" screens fits perfectly. I like the 2.5x version... And I'm not fond of shooting away from the body so having another stability point (the camera to your eye) is key. I hate amateurish camera shake.

Sure it's bulkier, but the 18-55 ain't tiny. With an LCD-VF and IS you can shoot some pretty stable video.

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