The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

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Re: The Advantages of DR400 vs DR200 vs DR100 - High Contrast Scene

alexisgreat wrote:

Wait, there seems to be some confusion here- based on Trev's other thread, it seems that at M size, ISO 400 and higher in the F, HS and X series, the camera only uses Software EXR at DR 400? What's going on at DR 800 AND 1600, is that all software EXR or a combo of software EXR and hardware EXR with the F, HS and X series, and if a combo of hardware and software EXR with all these cameras, is it only available at M size? What conditions have to be met for the camera to use both (if that ever happens)? M SIZE DR 800 ISO 200 and M SIZE DR 1600 ISO 400 (minimum ISO to get the most DR- combined hardware and software? Is this not available at L size?) What settings need to be used to maximize the EXR sensor for the most possible dynamic range? (resolution, ISO, and DR)?

Wow.  A lot of questions there.

In EXR cameras, DR800 and DR1600 are available only when the mode dial is set to EXR and DR Priority is set as the sub-mode.  In that case, the camera will force M size.  The "first" two stops (DR200 and DR400) of dynamic range enhancement will be done in EXR hardware, and the additional icing on the cake (DR800, DR1600, if selected) will come from the software trick.

With the mode dial set to P, A, S, or M, and size set to M, and depending on ISO setting, DR  can be set to DR400, and it will be all hardware, photsite-pairing, EXR enhancement.  (Most of my shooting with EXR cameras has been done with the camera set to M size, ISO Auto400, and DR400.)

With the mode dial set to P, A, S, or M, if the size is set to L, then the hardware photosite-pairing is turned off (disabled), and, although DR200 or DR400 can be set in some ISO settings, any DR enhancement will be accomplished by the software trick.

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