Taking inventory after a long, long wait

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Re: Taking inventory after a long, long wait

RPulley wrote:

I'm not sure what 5D generation you purchased, but I have a bit of experience working with 5D and 5DII files, and frankly, I'll take the K5 DR and noise performance over the earlier gen 5D output any day.

I also have zero interest in lugging that huge land ungainly (to me) body around all day, but to each his own.

I think Canon has some good glass, but lags at least a generation behind Sony in sensor performance, and if I were to switch from my Pentax gear, I would want the best IQ available, and that would be Nikon, IMO.


Matt, is this you? or did you change your name to Ray?

By the way, Ray, I am not talking in absolute terms or spraying the ultimate truth. All I said was from the perspective of my own experience. I believe there is a lot more in photography than DR. All I know is a switched from aps-c to FF and never regret it for a second or miss the aps-c "convenience". I am still a strong man and have carried two FF plus lenses over so many hills and climbs. It is an excellent workout I still can do. Yeah, for other people is different and others can select whatever pleases them. If weight is an issue, I-phone takes some decent shots...

I am not telling anybody to buy a specific brand or model. Again, I am talking from my perspective. The only reason I didn't buy Nikon D600 was the oil and dust issues -and I don't need to justify it to anybody, -the money I used to buy my gear comes from my own pocket-.

When it comes to full frame, like Benjamin Kanarek explained the other day when abandoning Pentax, is a tough choice between FF Nikon and Canon.

What was an easy choice for me was to move from aps-c to full frame, any full frame seems to be good these days -except the one that is never coming from Ricoh-.

I have seen unbelievable work SOOC from both Canon and Nikon cameras and from old and new Canon models.

By the way, I really like my old 5D, even with the absolute lack of DR... But it may be only me.. I am always a contrarian and I paid for it myself.

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