TG2 focus problem

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Re: TG2 focus problem

I bought my TG2 last spring and except for testing at home have only really tried to use it on two trips. Several weeks after buying, I was shooting hummingbirds during light rain in the Peruvian Amazon. it shot the first couple of photos ok. But then the zoom stopped working -- it would zoom but was totally out of focus and the green focus lock would not come on. If I took the photo it was still out of focus. I think it did work if I restarted & shot a photo without zooming. But as soon as I zoomed (no matter how little I zoomed), everything went out of focus.I tried restarting, reset from menu, different (fully charged) battery, different SD card -- nothing helped. I also tried a number of different shooting modes. Some weeks after returning home, when I tried it, the zoom was working again. In September I was on trip to Alaska, my next real use except testing a few photos at home. Same thing happened. It initially took maybe 4 photos using zoom with no problems but after that any use of zoom lever resulting in out of focus. I tried for the remaining 3 days during the trip - same thing (but would work if restarted and did not use zoom). Now 2 weeks later at home, zoom worked okay when I just tried it. I have not yet had the chance to try it again extensively, but this sounds like a recurring problem. Unfortunately as an apparently intermittent problem, if I send it to Olympus for service, it will probably work for them when they try it out initially.

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