RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

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Re: RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

RedFox88 wrote:

Zone IX wrote:

BTW, I was surprised by the number of people who were taking pictures with iPads. I understand using a phone (good enough, pocket size, easy to share images) but an iPad is awkwardly big to lug around and doesn't even yield results as good as a phone.

Are you sure? I haven't looked at specs but I can't imagine the image sensor/lens in an ipad to be much different than the iphone. Nokia has TV commercials making fun of people "trying" to take photos and videos of stage performances with their tablet and phones never being able to get close enough. This is for their 41 MP phone but they have to be greatly embellishing the results as 41 MP on an small image sensor won't result in very good tight crops.

It depends on the versions but the iPhone 5 has an 8 MP camera while the 4th gen iPad and iPad mini have a 5 MP camera. The iPhone 5 also supports HDR, panorama mode, and has a flash.

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