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Re: It is one, not "all over.."

Thanks, Tom.

I'll survive, and I know that in the overall scheme of things this delay really doesn’t matter. It's not as if I don't have a camera, but I got spoiled by the GR. It used to be that I would carry a compact camera when it was just too inconvenient to carry a DSLR. Now, I would generally prefer to carry only the GR.

After a couple of months with the GR, I was only using the D7000 with a zoom lens for family events and situations where I'd be expecting to shoot a lot of portraits on the fly. I've taken several day trips where it would have been possible to bring the D7000 along, but I left it home and brought only the GR, and never regretted it.

If I were forced to live with only one camera, it would be an easy choice.

I don't know why Ricoh is repairing my GR instead of replacing it. It would be great if that's because there's a large demand for the GR, and I hope you're right about the 3-7 day turnaround for the part needed to fix my camera. Regardless, I'll get past this, but I do miss the GR. I think about it every day and look forward to its return.


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