GH3 - Rear screen died today. :(

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Re: GH3 - Rear screen died today. :(

sea_dragon wrote:

Well, my camera has been working fine for the 9 months I've had it... until today.

I was using the camera normally and everything was fine. I powered it on again and went to use the swing out screen and there was no image.

I've done the resets in the menu system but can't find a full factory reset option. Does anyone know if one exists? The menu resets just seem to reset customization settings back to factory.

This is all I see now on the rear screen. Occasionally, when I power up, the display is normal again. But most times now it looks like this. The EVF is working fine so it's just the rear screen that has this issue.


I doubt it's much help but I repaired a GH1 that I bought cheaply on eBay with a dead screen. It turned out to be a blown fuse that protected the back-light power supply. I suspect the camera had been dropped (One of the strap lugs was missing) and a temporary short blew the fuse. Once the fuse was replace the back-light worked again and it has been fine ever since.

In your case it looks like the back-light is fine and the issue is with the screen itself or the electronics that drive it. I don't think a problem like this could be fixed by resetting the camera. I would be returning it for warranty repair.

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