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Re: Alternative thoughts.......

Hi Matt,

I'm with you in enjoying the K5 and for that matter my 31 Ltd. And like you I'm interested in FF.  The K5 meets my needs for most of my uses, but I'm pretty confident that my larger landscape prints would improve if I had a higher mpx camera.  There is no Pentax FF.  Like you, the D800 resolution appeals to me, but its mass does not, and it would mean a complete change of lenses.

You've bought into Samsung NX as your second system.  My potential solution might just lie in keeping my K5 and lenses, and choosing a mirror-less for FF, if and when one emerges.  That would be doing it the other way around from many people who primarily use a DSLR but might choose a MFT or APSC mirror-less when they need a lighter camera.  My smaller camera would actually have the larger sensor.  It would have the multiple advantages of :

  • being FF - offering higher res and DR for same noise
  • being small and light for hiking, landscape and travel, and
  • taking all my existing lenses that cover FF (including my 20mm, 31mm, FA50macro, etc)

Two Sony FF NEX models are very strongly tipped to be released in the next few months or so.  Features and price unknown.  If they're any good, having an APSC DSLR and a FF mirror-less might just be the right combo.  Makes sense to me (and for me).

Would that solution also suit you?  It would still mean changing a system - your second system (from NX to NEX FF) -  but you'd be able to keep the K5 and all your K lenses, and be able to use your lenses on both systems.  (And you wouldn't need to stump up the $1800 for the 24/1.4 )

Cheers, Rod

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