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Re: If X30 rumors are correct...

IF the X30 rumors are correct... I believe the competitor could (should?) be straight the Leica X-Vario (after all, first APS sensor and fixed zoom in a compact body is a reality now!), at a (more) decent price... Remain to be seen which focal lens range will be proposed by Fuji (24 or 28 to 70 or 85mm) and more importantly, what kind of aperture range they'll chose (Leica got on the very conservative side with their F3.5-6.4 range) Would a constant F4 be more realistic and appealing & at what price ?

Tapper123 wrote:

If the recent "xjrumor" rumor is correct, then the X30 could be very exciting. If they can integrate a sensor bigger than the RX100 (something like the Canon G1X sensor), maintain the body size, keep the viewfinder, add a flip screen it could be truly special. The hardest part, I would guess, would be the lens, since it would need to get bigger for the sensor. Personally I'd prefer they cut some of the tele end, and start the wide end at 24mm, maybe 24mm - 85mm equiv for example.

My fear is that Fuji will be afraid to make the X30 too good, lest it compete against the X100 series. With a sensor just 20% smaller than the APS-C X cameras, and a good quality integrated zoom, the X30 could be virtually as good for most uses.

I hope the xjrumo rumor is correct. I love the Sony RX series, and I have an RX100 II pre-ordered, but it's sad there is no real competition for the RX cameras. The rumored X30 could finally give some competition, albeit the body size would still make the RX100 series the best small size camera. But the X30 could become the best jacket pocket size camera with a zoom lens and VF.

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