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For video it has a large focus window.

If Servo AF is on it continually tries to maintain focus in that window, and there can be some pretty bad hunting.

If you keep Servo AF off it will move the window and re-focus once at a touch. This works better, but the re-focus has CDAF wobbles.

If instead of touching the screen you half-press the shutter button it will re-focus more aggressivley as if for a still.

There is an option for tracking focus where the camera identifies an object. This can work, but not on small children running around.

I have a NEX 3n and an RX100, and of the three the EOS-m video controls are best. AIOf they bring out an m with the 70D sensor I think it would be amazingly good.

??? The OP is asking about MF...

With Magic Latern, if not 100% now, you'll get zebras and focus peaking. It's not native to the M.

And yes, obviously the LCD is a pain in broad daylight. But it's no different than shooing video on the 6D, you never use the OVF shooting video on Canon DSLRs.

Fortunately, you can add a cheap LCD VF or invest in a Talon or Zacuto. I use the Zacuto but you'll need to use the LCD mount for a tight fit..

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